Sponsors for the 2012 Street Party

FRIEND is our way of keeping our small community alive and involved. The general idea of FRIEND was thought up in 1998 when a small number of residents decided on commemorating the Millennium Year by holding a street party where all residents, young and old, would be invited. Money would be raised by holding fund raising events which would also serve to 'bond' the road and no resident would be expected to pay to attend the party.

By 2000 enough money was raised and a party date was set for June. The road was closed, the bunting was raised and a series of afternoon games started. Entertainment was carried on into the night with a live band and disco. The whole day was deemed a great success.

With the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002 it was quickly decided that another street party was in the offing. Using the same formula to raise funds another good time was had by all.

Having now set a precedent, another party had to be arranged for 2004. It being the Olympic year we staged our own Street Olympics in the July and then partied on.

With the spirit of FRIEND now firmly established it was finally named in 2005 to give it a permanent identity and a party every other year.

The history of Fengates Road has been documented in a book, 'A Celebration of Fengates Road', by two of our residents, Andrew and Sarah Lewis covering the periods from 1066 until 2000. The book was published just after the Millennium Street Party in 2000 and two copies were given to each household. Needless to say, the book was also a hit with local historians. Unfortunately there are no copies left but as the book says it all, it has been reproduced here and can be accessed by clicking on the 'A Celebration of Fengates Road' tab at the top of the page or from the Table of Contents links below.

Table of contents
Introduction to Part One
Chapter 1 Ffengatys in the Manor of Lynkefeld
Chapter 2 T. R. Hooper and his link with Fengates Road
Chapter 3 The Start of the Development
Introduction to Part Two
Chapter 4 The Early Years
Chapter 5 Edward Laston Pulling: Fengates Hero
Chapter 6 1918 to 1945
Chapter 7 1945 to 1960s
Chapter 8 1960s to 1970s
Chapter 9 Into the 1980s and 1990s
Chapter 10 Fengates Road 2000 - How We Got There
Chapter 11 Party Memories in Words and Pictures